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TOPYCARE 100ml Pet Wound Healing Herbal Veterinary Spray for Dogs, Cats and All Other Breeds

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TOPYCARE SPRAY – Top Notch Herbal Wound Care Regimen

TOPYCARE SPRAY is an efficient herbal combination of broad-spectrum antibacterial, anti-fungal, and anti-inflammatory agents. The highly effective formula is derived from all-natural oil extracts and herbs. TOPYCARE SPRAY is an excellent choice for the prevention of skin infections in all types of wounds. The natural oil extracts not only protect the wounds from sepsis but also control inflammation and itching at the infected wound site. The spray can be used on all kinds of domestic, pets, and exotic animal breeds with no side effects or drug residues at all.

TOPYCARE SPRAY is indicated as a complete and comprehensive solution for topical wound care. This spray is a wise choice for commonly prevailing fungal infections such as Dermatomycosis, Cryptococcosis, & Aspergillosis. It can be applied as an after-shearing spray in sheep to control bacterial infections i-e Caseous Lymphadenitis. This product has exceptional power to protect and cure all kinds of septic and aseptic wounds. The Neem and Haldi combined with the power of natural oil extracts makes this spray an ideal choice to control skin disease lesions such as in FMD, Viral stomatitis, and Peste-des-petits Ruminants. The eco-friendly formula also acts as a fly repellent to prevent maggot wound formation.

TOPYCARE SPRAY is an easy-to-use spray for cleansing and antisepsis of surgical & non-surgical wounds. This product can also be used as a post-operative wound care spray as per your veterinarian's instructions. This spray is CFC-free and non-alcoholic and does not cause any stinging or irritation on the skin surface. This product works well at any angle which makes it suitable to use in all animals for an outstanding infection control remedy.

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