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Jerotics Spray

Jerotics Spray


Jeroticks Effective Anti Tick Spray for Dog & Cat | Herbal Flea and Tick Spray for Al Dogs & Cats Breeds with Aloe Vera, Neem & Coco | Kill, Repel, & Prevent Fleas & Ticks No Artificial Smell - 250mL


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Brand Tail & Collar Club
Item Form Spray
Scent Aloe Vera, Neem & Coco
Age Range (Description) Puppy
Item Weight 560 Grams
Item Volume 250 Millilitres


  • ARE YOU LOOKING FOR A COMPLETE SOLUTION FOR YOUR DOG/CAT TICKS & FLEAS ?? OR TIRED OF INVESTING IN AN EXPENSIVE GROOMING SALON EVERY MONTH. We have designed herbal tick and flea spray to make sure your best friend enjoys a healthy-looking, gorgeous coat. The Jeroticks natural anti tick spray is a perfect choice!

  • KILL, REPEL & PREVENT FLEAS & TICKS: Our anti tick spray kills, repel and prevents all the fleas and ticks on your pet’s body as soon as it comes in contact with them. Moreover, this formula is also strong enough to kill mosquitoes, larvae, and lice.

  • RELAXED FRAGRANCE: The tick spray has a natural pleasant and relaxed fragrance so that your pet is comfortable with this spray.

  • HERBAL DOG FLEA AND TICK SPRAY WITH PREMIUM QUALITY INGREDIENTS: This spray is made with superior quality powerful active ingredients which include aloe vera, coco dai, neem, coco mono, and coco betaine which are naturally synthesized without any additives which make it 100% non-toxic and safe!

  •  IDEAL FOR ALL BREEDS OF DOG & CATS: This anti tick spray is ideal for cats, dogs, and puppies of all breeds and sizes over 12 weeks of age including labrador, persian cat, german shepherds, golden retriever, etc. Order it for yourself or as a thoughtful present for a pet owner friend or loved one, and you can be sure to win their appreciation!

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Tail & Collar Club Pure and Herbal Flea and Tick Shampoo with Eucalyptus for Dogs and Cats

Flea and tick attack is one of the worst situations for your PETS. Fleas and ticks don’t take much time to multiply and turn into a reckless spreading infestation. It’s very painful for a dog owner to see his furry companion struggling with flea and tick. Eliminate fleas and ticks with the 2X flea killing effectiveness of Tail & Collar Club Pure and Herbal Shampoo. Our plant-based formula contains 100% certified natural essential oil to kill fleas, flea larvae, flea eggs, and ticks on contact.

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