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Jerotics Shampoo

Jerotics Shampoo


Cat & Dog Shampoo for Ticks and Fleas | Herbal Tick Shampoo for All Breeds Including Labrador, Persian Cat, German Shepherd for Excessive Shedding, Dry Skin | Eucalyptus Oil and Aloe - 200ml

Product details

Brand Tail & Collar Club
Item Form Liquid
Scent Eucalyptus
Age Range (Description) Puppy


ARE YOU LOOKING FOR A COMPLETE SOLUTION FOR YOUR DOG/CAT TICKS & FLEAS ?? OR TIRED OF INVESTING IN AN EXPENSIVE GROOMING SALON EVERY MONTH. We have designed herbal & natural tick and flea shampoo without any additives to make sure your best friend enjoys a healthy-looking, gorgeous coat. The Tail & Collar Club natural shampoo is a perfect choice!

  • OPTIMAL CLEANSING SHAMPOO: Now say goodbye to smelly fur, greasy-looking coat, and overall unpleasant looks with this puppy shampoo which treats your pet’s skin gently, leaving it smooth, clean, and daisy-fresh!

  • GET RID OF TICK & FLEA AND MAKES YOUR PET COAT HEALTHY: With powerful ingredients which properly nourish the skin and keep the coat hydrated, this dog shampoo for ticks and fleas can help reduce shedding, calms irritated or excessively dry skin, and keeps ticks and fleas at bay!

  • HERBAL DOG TICK SHAMPOO WITH PREMIUM QUALITY INGREDIENTS: This dog and cat shampoo is made with superior quality powerful active ingredients, a unique formula based on herbal extracts which include eucalyptus oil, aloe vera, clove, and sweet flag extract without any additives which make it 100% non-toxic and safe!

  • IDEAL FOR ALL BREEDS OF DOG & CATS: This anti tick shampoo for dog & cats is ideal for cats, dogs, and puppies of all breeds and sizes over 12 weeks of age including labrador, persian cat, germ
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