Tail & Collar Club

Tail & Collar club takes the health and well-being of your pets to the next level. We are determined to take care of your fur babies with our exclusive range of products. Our categories include Pet shampoos & creams, toys, and grooming products. Tail & Collar Club is a leading brand for pet supplies. We always take pride in keeping the customer’s satisfaction a No. 1 priority. We’ve established the name you trust for providing long-lasting protection for your pet best friend. Get your hands on our line of products and you’ll be amazed by the bewildering results.

Tail & Collar Club makes mealtime easy. In terms of food products, our experts take care to provide balanced nutrition for your pets. Our food products are balanced and fortified with vitamins and minerals, especially for dogs & cats. Maintaining hygiene and nutrition values for dogs, cats, and small animals are our foremost consideration. The ingredient formulation is done by our finest veterinarian and health experts. From processing to packaging, Tail & Collar Club takes great care of cleanliness and quality. The servings are in the form of convenient trays and airtight packs that keep food fresh and readily available to serve.

Playful toys are a great way for the comfort and mental stimulation of your pets. We have a wide range of toy products with various shapes, textures, and squeaking sounds. Our interactive toys are best suited for keeping your pet well-engaged in playful activities. The toys are made from non-hazardous materials that don’t pose any health risks. You can trust on Tail & Collar Club products in creating an interactive learning environment for your beloved pets. Our range of products also contains chewable toys that serve a crucial role in behavior modifications. These top-notched quality products fulfill your pet’s physical and emotional needs.

Tail & Collar Club only produces safe products in our Hygiene & Grooming section. Our grooming products not only make the skin and coat astounding but also make them smell great. We manufactured the best in class shampoos and creams for pesky parasites. Our shampoo products not only eliminate tick and fleas but also make sure these pests don’t return. Our cleaning and anti-pests products are manufactured with skin-friendly natural ingredients. The herbal formulations are soft on the skin there is no chance of a harmful allergic reaction. When it comes to tick & flea control, you can trust Tail & Collar Club.

Our company has taken every aspect of pet comfort and needs into consideration. Apart from our healthy food products, effective toys, and hygiene products, we also deal in pet accessories. We have an outstanding range of collars, leads, and harnesses. Tail & Collar Club introduces you to its modern and fashionable collars range. These are the perfect products and look breathtaking on your beloved pets. In addition to that, we also offer strong feeding mats & bowls made of non-toxic material. Tail & Collar Club is a brand you can trust in terms of keeping your pet comfortable in every aspect.

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